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Baby Teething Remedies

Every parent will remember when their child went through their teething phase. Although different for every child, it's generally no fun for anybody. When you're baby's teeth start to come in, it can be extremely painful for them, and can keep some parents frustrated that they can't take away all of the pain, and often leaves them sleep deprived too!

Fear not, there are plenty of things that you can do to help out your child through this rough phase of their life. Helping to ease the symptoms and pain of teething will not only make your baby happier, but you as well! And remember that this is only a phase, and once their teeth come in life will only get better as you'll have much less crying to deal with.

Teething takes place in infants from the ages of six to nine months, and can continue up to a few years, but the worst part is when the initial teeth start coming in.  Girls typically get teeth before boys, and not all baby's get them in the same places or experience the same amounts of pain.  Generally they appear in pairs on either the top or bottom, and then the matching pair will appear shortly thereafter.  The most common teeth to come in first are the two front bottom teeth, or lower central incisors.

Teething Symptoms

  • infant sticking their fingers in their mouth
  • infant pulling on either ear or both
  • if you feel the baby's gums with your finger, you can feel small bumps
  • the infant putting almost anything they can in their mouth
  • baby wanting to breast feed even when they're not hungry
  • increased amounts of saliva and drool


  • camillia - a herbal chamomile product
  • orajel - an oral gel to numb their gums
  • baby tylenol - helps the baby handle the pain, and sleep better (lasts 3-4 hours)
  • baby advil - helps reduce inflammation, and baby will sleep better (lasts 6-8 hours)