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A Bowl of Chicken Soup for Your Celiac Soul

Comfort Food

I recently found myself with a sniffle and craving a hot bowl of chicken noodle soup. Chicken noodle soup is known to have anti-inflammatory properties which may temporarily ease the symptoms of the common cold. Generally, chicken soup is also low in fat and high in vitamins which may give your body a little boost when you are feeling under the weather. For me chicken noodle soup brings back memories of my Mom in the kitchen on a rainy day and the whole house filled with delicious scents.

Unlike my Mom, in my adult life, I rarely make soup from scratch instead I reach for a tetra-pack or a can. Unfortunately as most people leading a gluten free lifestyle know, having a bowl of noodle soup is no longer as easy as getting out the can opener. With a 1/4 leftover deli-rotisserie chicken in my fridge and a well stocked pantry, I got to work and put together a chicken noodle soup made with love but not entirely from scratch.

Gather Your Ingredients
Make sure that you have gluten free chicken broth, whether it is liquid or cubes. I used two 1 liter tetra-packs of Pacific Foods Organic Chicken Broth (that is about 8 cups of liquid).
Make sure you have some cooked chicken free from skin and bone. My husband had removed the meat from our chicken the night before and I had about a breast and a half.
Make sure you have gluten free pasta. I had vegetable spirals and some corn macaroni in the back of my pantry.
Make sure that you have your favorite vegetables, raw, frozen or even cooked. This is a great way to use up whatever you have on hand.

Get Out Your Pot and Turn On Your Stove
Turn your stove up to somewhere between high and medium heat and fill your pot with about 8 cups of chicken broth or stock. Be sure your pot is big enough to handle 8 cups and the displacement of fluid when you add your ingredients.

Prepare Your Ingredients
While you are waiting for your liquid to come to a boil. Chop up your chicken and any vegetables into bite-size pieces. For my soup, I chopped up 3 medium size, raw, peeled carrots, my chicken breast and I grabbed about 1/3 of a cup frozen peas.

Cook Your Ingredients
When your broth comes to a boil add your vegetables and chicken, reduce heat to simmer and cover for 20-30 minutes until the veggies are soft. Add your pasta and cook for another 15 to 20 minutes until pasta is tender.

Serve With Love
Fill your favorite bowl or mug with this soup and season to taste with salt and pepper.