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Businesses that anybody can start with almost no money

Looking for some extra cash? A lot of people are these days as you can never fully depend on the economy. It's always good to have a few extra dollars at hand, and here's a great list of potential money makers. These are businesses or side jobs that you don't need any credentials for, and could even do as a cash business if you did these on a small scale.

The best thing of all is that there's next to zero start up costs when done on a small scale. Many people do these gigs as side jobs, but there are quite a few individuals that can make enough money to live off of from creating actual businesses out of these.

stand up comic

  • prerequisite: you have to be funny
  • potential earnings: $25 - $1000 depending on how good you are
  • pros: you're often paid in cash and get free liquor, and if you're a guy it's a great way to pick up girls as they often dig guys who are funny
  • cons: late hours, and often sketchy venues

web developer/designer

  • prerequisite: you need to have an understanding of the web, and at least basic programming and graphics design skills
  • potential earnings: the sky's the limit with this one, you could make $1000 a year, or become the next Google if you have the right vision
  • pros: if you have a good computer, internet connection and decent skills, next to zero start up costs
  • cons: prepare to spend almost all your spare time at your computer if you make this your part time job


  • prerequisite: you need to be good at interacting and talking to people and small crowds
  • potential earnings: a decent street magician can make a few thousand in a weekend
  • pros: paid in cash, and if you're good you might get a few dates out of it
  • cons: you'll spend almost all of your spare time practicing your craft and learning new tricks

party planner

  • prerequisite: you have to naturally be an organized person
  • potential earnings: if you end up doing large corporate events and weddings it could be up to $10,000 or more per event
  • pros: almost no start up costs, for some really organized people this would be a very easy career
  • cons: dealing with hard to please clients and possibly crazy brides if you end up doing weddings

personal trainer

  • prerequisite: you have to be fit to begin with, and an overall healthy person
  • potential earnings: average fees are $50 - $200 per hour or session with a client, depending on how good you are
  • pros: you get paid to stay fit and healthy, you'll also meet a lot of great people
  • cons: you always have to stay fit, this isn't a career path for somebody who likes to let loose all the time

private tutor

  • prerequisite: you have to be really good at one particular thing that others want to learn
  • potential earnings: $25 - $100 per hour depending on what you're tutoring
  • pros: cash business, very easy if you really know your stuff
  • cons: it can be frustrating and really boring teaching the same thing over and over again to people who might not get it

baby sitter

  • prerequisite: you have to be really good with children, and a very responsible person
  • potential earnings: $10 to $25+ per hour
  • pros: paid in cash, you get paid to play games with kids which can be really fun, often you end up just watching TV as they sleep if you're babysitting at night
  • cons: dirty diapers and random gross fluids if you're watching an infant