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Cleaning stainless steel cookware

The best time to clean your cookware is while it's still hot:

1) just take a little bit of cold water and pour it on the bottom of the hot pan

2) then take a metal spatula and rub off the crud on the bottom, (by the way - don't be afraid of scratches, all metal pots will eventually become scratched)

3) next just pour the liquefied crud down your sink

4) most of the gunk should now be gone

If you waited until the cookware cooled, and it's REALLY stuck on, then you're best bet is to fill the pot with some warm water, and let it soak for 20 minutes or so.

5) all you'll see now is some leftover spots that might seem impossible to get off

6) we recommend using a stainless steel cleaner like our favorite, by Lagostina, it's available in most grocery stores

The cleaning powder is actually pretty amazing. Just add a tiny bit of water, and some of the cleaning powder, and voila! you'll be amazed at how it removes anything left over.

On a side note, using baking soda works almost as well as the brand name cleaners if you're in a pinch.