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The fun in collecting coins

There are many hobbies that require a huge investment to get started with, but, ironically enough, coin collecting is not one of those. Getting started with a collection can be as simple as organizing all of the change that you currently have in your pocket. It is because of this simplicity of getting started that so many coin collectors get started at a young age and learn just how fun it is to build up their collection. There are a number of fun ways to approach a coin collection, and they don’t all involve going after the rare pieces like a Liberty Gold Eagle.

A fun way for kids to get started and gain an interest in coin collecting is to start by trying to collect pennies from every different year. That can make getting a handful of change into something akin to a treasure hunt, as they try to get a hold of the coin that will complete their collection of pennies from the 1980’s. It’s a simple, inexpensive way to start a collection, but one that often leads to the collector getting bitten by the bug. Once that happens, they will start to see just how many different coins are out there waiting to be added to their growing collection.

It is oftentimes a happy accident that makes the young collector begin to see the endless possibilities that await them in coin collecting. You may be surprised at just how often foreign currency gets brought back from vacation and mistakenly used because it looks like a coin minted in this country. Fishing through the change every time you get it might just mean finding a coin that has an origin outside of our own country. Once that little discovery is made, the fun begins to get taken to all new levels.

The fun of coin collecting is more than just being able to amass a ton of shiny objects, as there is a little bit of history attached to each individual coin. Most coins have “images” on the front and back that are relevant to the period in which they were minted. The heads on the front of coins are of monarchs and rulers, while the backs, or tail side, have a commemorative scene of some kind that tells another story. Researching the history of both sides of the coin can reveal stories that will bring the cold pieces of metal to life.

What is also fun to do is attend one of the many coin shows that take place all over the country. It’s a great way to meet other collectors and get a look at what they have. It’s also the perfect way to track down that one particular coin you have been trying to find for ages. You might even get lucky and find a collector who is willing to trade the coin you want for one that you have in your collection. Coin collectors really are a great community of people, and it is they who really help bring the fun to the hobby.