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Generating profit with your website

You want your site to generate revenue, right?  This will be a lot easier if your site is a hobby and making money is not your main goal.  So many sites fail because they fill their pages with tons of ads before they develop a loyal following.

Earning Money as a Non Commercial Site

You can sell your opinion and still earn money if you work hard to have original content, are innovative, or outspoken.  It is essential that you first win great distribution before you try to sell advertising space.  If you put up too many ads too early you will never get that distribution.  If you offer your viewers something they consider worthwhile you will then be able to extract a profit.

If you create a personal blog about something it will be easier to get accepted into DMOZ and the Yahoo! Directory.  These are both free for personal sites.  When the blog increases in traffic, you will be able to include ads and earn money from the site’s traffic.  It is easier to get links into a non commercial site than it is to a commercial site.  Once you have the links in your site, you can capitalize on the link’s popularity.

Choosing between Banners and Contextual Ads

Banners have lost their effectiveness because web surfers have become banner blind, ignoring the top part of each page.  They have awful conversion rates.  You should feel confident that it fits very well with the site design before using banners.  Context based text ads is the best option to generate revenue.  Remember, good advertising does not appear to be advertising.

Product Reviews

When you read a book you like, tell others.  Offer your viewers the opportunity to buy the book on your site.  Give your users a review of the products you like. Affiliate marketers know they can be more successful and sell products with less effort if they provide what appears to be a personal unbiased review.

Mike’s Marketing Tools offers a lot of software that is good, but they also offer a ton of software that is really awful.  Mike always gives a product review that appears to be honest and positive, usually emphasizing the pros versus the cons, no matter what he thinks of the product.

Using a Point of Action

If you want to sell a service then you need to drive people to it.  For example, a technique used to increase subscriptions if to put a “We Value Privacy” statement near the sign up form.  This technique is called Point of Action Marketing.  It assures people, making them feel secure as they do what you want them to do.  Bryan Eisenberg, author of Persuasive Online Copywriting, stated that placing a secure checkout symbol near the shopping cart’s checkout increases conversion rates between 5 and 15%.

Build Trust

When you give your viewers unbiased reviews and “We Value Privacy” statements, you begin to establish trust between your site’s visitor and you.  Also, logos from respected companies such as the Better Business Bureau, Truste, and Public Eye will help your visitors feel safer.

If the secure portion of your site resides within a frame, the secured “lock” symbol may not show up in the visitor’s browser. It is not recommended to use frames where online transactions are to be performed. You should display any applicable symbols such as VeriSign and Thawte.

Revenue Programs

Google AdSense, Amazon Associates Program, and some other major affiliate program networks are all popular revenue generating programs.  CafePress is popular for smaller and personal websites.

If you are selling electronic information, ClickBank is a useful tool. PayPal is a good third party payment processor.  AdSense can be picky when it comes to selecting partners, which is another reason you need to create quality content.

If your idea produces a fair quantity of syndication and attracts some quality links then you will be able to make money by selling text link ads.

Develop Value Added Packaging

There will only be so many people who make money packaging or repackaging information.  If you develop a value added packaging ideas you will help your product succeed. It is amazing how many side products you can sell when attached to a popular blog.