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How to Choose Men's Glasses or Sunglasses

Jack Nicholson put it best: "With my sunglasses on I'm Jack Nicholson. Without them, I'm 60 and fat."

Glasses and sunglasses can create a look of sophistication and give a man a little boost in confidence. When selecting glasses or sunglasses you will want to assess your needs: functionality, look, style, comfort, etc.

Once you have decided on plastic or metal frames, type of lens and price point you will want to take into consideration the shape of your face. Here are some general rules:

Round Faces

Round faces are exactly what they sound like, faces with full cheeks, round chin and few prominent angles.

Avoid: small frames that are not proportionate with your features.

Look for: rectangular and horizontal frames which can make the face look long and lean. Angular and geometric frames which will add definition to cheekbones. Temples should be at the top of the frame putting emphasis on the top of the face and adding length.

Oval Faces

Oval faces have high cheekbones and forehead with an ever so slightly smaller chin.

Avoid: oversized frames.

Look for: any frame you like. You have pretty much won the genetic lottery for face shape. Oval and round frames will compliment your already symmetrical features and geometric frames can add enhancing angles.

Square Faces

Square faces have sharp angular lines, a broad forehead and square chin. Square faces tend to be very proportional in terms of length and width.

Avoid: geometric frames as they tend to emphasize your already prominent features. Temples that are low-set and frames with color accents on the bottom will draw attention to your chin and should also be avoided.

Look for: temples that are middle set or connect at the top of the frame, this will take bulk away from your cheekbones. Oval or round frames will soften the angular lines of your face.

Triangle Faces

Triangle faces have a narrow forehead and eye-line which broadens through the chin and cheeks.

Avoid: narrow frames that are out of proportion with the face. Low temples that add width to the jaw.

Look for: frames that accentuate the upper face such as rimless or semi-rimless. Styles that tend to be more top-heavy again drawing attention to the upper face.

Heart Faces (or Inverted Triangle)

Heart faces have a wide forehead and broad cheekbones with small chin.

Avoid: styles that draw the eye up. Anything with decorative temples or that are top-heavy will add bulk where there need not be any extra.

Look for: anything that will draw attention to the lower face. Frames that are bottom-heavy, narrow and round, or have lower set temples.