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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Properly

Tidy Up Your Linen Closet in a Few Simple Steps

My linen closet until recently has never looked like the one above. Towels, pillowcases, tablecloths all fold away easily but those darn fitted sheets never go flat and make a mess for the rest of the closet. I really always thought that they were a little like a map, they come folded in a neat and tidy package and once opened never look the same. Not long ago my mother-in-law taught me her secret and now my sheets coexist in peace with all of the other linens.

Lay Out the Fitted Sheet

Start by placing your sheet on a large flat surface with the elastic side up. I use my bed or the top of washer and dryer. Find your fitted corners and fold your sheet in half lengthwise tucking your fitted corners into each other. To tuck your corners smoothly, use your index fingers to push the corners into each other. You will now have two rounded corners and two square.

Tuck Your Corners

Take your top tucked (still rounded) corners and fold them again into each other so that all four fitted corners are inside each other. You will need to turn one of the two corners inside-out to get it to fit into the other. Most fitted sheets have a seam that runs diagonally at the corner, try to line these up. You with now have one rounded corner and three square.

Hide the Elastic

If you have followed the other steps, your elastic will naturally be on the top side of your sheet facing up and lining two sides of the rectangle in an "L" shape. To hide the elastic fold the sheet in half creating a rectangle with no elastic showing.

Fold into a Little Square

To take your long and skinny rectangle to a small square, fold it into thirds. You will want to fold the long skinny rectangle you have created into thirds and this makes a little square. (If you have really large sheets you may have to do this twice.)

Complete the Package

To take this to the next level, you may wish to place your matching folded flat sheet and pillowcases in the middle of your last fold. This creates a beautiful little organized package. For whatever reason "it's a good thing" keeps coming to mind.