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How hard is it to immigrate to Canada?

Our home an native land
Canada is one of the best countries in the world to live in. With universal health care, an extremely high standard of living, and numerous social programs and initiatives it's extremely easy to become successful and live a prosperous and fulfilling life in this amazing country.

Why move to Canada?
Many people want to come to Canada, and even though we do have some strict immigration laws, it is entirely possible for anybody to come here no matter what country you are from. Granted it is a lot easier if you already have a relative that's living here. And you must be fluent in either English or French, the two official languages of Canada.

Where to live?
Deciding where you want to live in Canada if you can successfully immigrate here is something that you will definitely want to think about. The west coast (Vancouver & Victoria) definitely have the best weather all year round in the country, but are much more expensive to live in and have less jobs than say Alberta. You will also need to consider which cities have more employment in your line of work.

So how hard is it to immigrate to Canada?
Canada can be very difficult to immigrate to, however this depends on a number of factors: money, country of origin, age, dependents, personal connections and the ability to communicate in either english or french. The more of these factors that you have in your favour, the better your chance of getting in. It's also much easier if you are marrying a Canadian or have family who already live here who can sponsor you.

So how can somebody get into Canada?
There are a few ways to get into Canada

  • temporary worker
  • landed immigrant
  • refugee
  • you can buy your way in
  • you can marry a Canadian
  • you have a skill that almost nobody has
  • you have family members who are Canadian citizens who will sponsor you

Come to Canada if you can!
There are many ways as noted above to get into and immigrate to Canada. Check out the Government of Canada website for more information.