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How to naturally improve your memory

Exercising your brain keeps it growing and spurs the development of new nerve connections which helps to improve your memory. So can you improve your short term or long term memory? Yes, you absolutely can using these tips and methods described below.

Sleep is when the body heals itself, it's also when it produces all of the necessary neurotransmitters that humans need to function (eg. dopamine, serotonin, etc). When humans sleep and dream the brain takes this time to process all of the information that it's been exposed to during the day and kind of "defrags" itself. This is necessary for long-term memory retention in your brain, without sleep you wouldn't be able to remember much at all.

use association
When you want to remember something, associate it with something else. An example would be if you were trying to remember somebody's name, you could associate it with the place you met them, or the color of the persons shirt at the time. This will help you to "visualize" whatever you're trying to remember.

Ever had to memorize a small speech or a short list of items that you have to buy at the store. The best way to remember them is to repeat what you have to memorize a number of times. Writing it down is a form of repetition as well, because as you're writing it you're also visualizing it in your mind, and repeating the list yet again.

stay healthy, drink lots of water
Your body is 80% water, so keeping it hydrated helps everything to function better, including the brain. When the body is dehydrated organs start to work less effectively, your brain included.

Get outside and go for walks, ride a bike, go ice skating. Activities such as these will help you to stay in shape, which will affect not only your body but your brain too. Staying fit also helps reduce anxiety and helps you to sleep better, both of which can help improve your memory.

never stop learning
Learning keeps on stimulating your brain and creates new neuron pathways inside your brain. You have to treat your brain as a muscle, it needs to be exercised or else it will wither away. It doesn't really matter what you do, but do something: take up a hobby, play games, read a book, discuss current news with others, etc.

mind games
Nintendo ds and other portable gaming systems are being used in retirement homes to help the aging population stay mentally active. Studies have shown that doing puzzle-type games every day helps people who have parkinsons and other mentally debilitating diseases.

stay positive
When people are sad and depressed numerous studies have shown that it has a hugely negative effect on the brain, especially when it comes to your memory. So by looking at things with the "glass half full" attitude can actually help you to have a better memory.