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How to put your website online

How to get your website from your hard drive into your web space.

This hub will show you how to put your completed website into the web space that you had rented. It might seem a little confusing at first but it gets easier the more time you spend on it. If you have any problems with these instructions you can always contact the help desk with your web space provider. They will be able to assist you more.

Step: 1)

Once you have completed your website you will have it saved on your home computer. Make sure you have saved the main page of your website as "index". You must call it "index" which has been developed to make it easy for others to know distinguish the main page of your website from any other web pages. It also is required to get your website online.

Step: 2)

Next you will need a piece of free software called an FTP program. This program is used to transfer files from your home computer to the "web space" you rented on the internet. There are many free versions of this software. You can download a copy by going to and doing a search for the term "ftp". Download whichever version you like. Then set get the software set up on your computer.

Step: 3)

After renting this web space, the company you rented it from will send you an email that will confirm your new account and provide you with the following information: (This is usually sent to you by email)

Account Information
Domain name:
IP Address:
User Name: myUserName
Password: myPassWord

You will use this account information to set up your ftp program. Now that you have downloaded and set up the ftp software on your computer you can use it to upload your website into your web space. When you first open your FTP software it will ask you to fill in the following information. In case these fields are not blank you should see a button that says "NEW". Just click that to clear the fields in your FTP program. Now all you have to do is fill in each field:

FTP Software
Profile Name:
Host Name / Address:
Host Type: Automatic detect
User Name:

Just plug in your "Account Information" into the "FTP Software" so it will now look like this:

Profile Name: Title this whatever you want!
Host Name / Address:
Host Type: Automatic detect
User Name: myUserName
Password: myPassWord

Profile Name: is anything you want. Name it something that will make it clear which account you are using. So if your website is about "cars" then type in "cars" or "car website" into the "Profile Name" area.

Host Name / Address: here you type in your website address or domain name; which are just two ways of saying the same thing. Usually you will exclude the www. So you will type in:

Host Type: "Automatic detect" is what should be showing. Do not change it unless it's not showing that.

User Name: This will be provided in your Account Information above, example: myUserName

Password: This will be provided in your Account Information above, example: myPassWord

Step: 4)

Now most ftp programs will have 2 windows side by side. The window on the left is your hard drive. The window on the right is the web space that you've rented.

Start by preparing the right hand window. You will see a file called either: Public_HTML, or WWW depending on which web space provider your using. Double click on that file which will simply open it. The right window is now ready.

Now prepare the left window which is your own hard drive. You should see a green arrow, or button at the top of the window that allows you to explore the different folders. Double click that arrow or button. Now double click it again until you see all of the folders on your hard drive appear in the window. Now simply double click on the folder which has your website. Remember your website must be saved by the name: index . Once you have found that index file just double click on it which should automatically transfer it to your web space on the internet.

Step: 5)

Now you can go on the internet and type in your website address to see if your website was uploaded successfully. Sometime it takes a few days for a new domain name and web space to be activated so in case it doesn't show up then that might be the reason. If it isn't showing up then contact your web space provider.