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Information about ninjas

Being attacked by a ninja is a pretty bad situation to be in. But hopefully this page will better inform you about ninjas, and their powers in case you face such a situation.

General Ninja Information
Ninjas are very stealthy, and usually attack at night so they're outfits blend in with the darkness.

Ninjas lack sweat glands, thus are almost impossible to detect by smell.

Don't confuse middle eastern women who only show their eyes with real ninjas, these are not authentic ninjas, but are often used as decoys by actual ninjas.

Ninjas will use anything at their disposal as a weapon, but generaly stick to throwing stars, katana swords and black magic.

Ninja Combat
If you end up confronting a ninja and you're not dead, consider yourself very lucky! Most likely the ninja has purposely not killed you, in which case you're only option is to kill him, or attempt to run away. And good luck killing him!

Classic ninja combat techniques come from their ability to catch their enemies by surprise and through the use of ninja technology to distract or disable their enemies. Hand-to-hand combat is very rare among ninjas.

In close combat a ninja will most likely pull out his sword or start throwing shuriken at you. You're best defense is to grab something around you as a shield, like a small table or a chair. Try distracting him by throwing objects at him like a ceramic mug or small child. Hopefully this will buy you enough time to flee the premises!

Ninja Powers
It is common knowledge that Ninja's can move as fast as, if not faster than then speed of sound.

Most ninjas can fly, you'll find this out when you feel a gust of wind go past you BEFORE the impression of a foot appears on your face.

Ninja Weaknesses
Ninjas are prone to be distracted by Chuck Norris posters, so always keep some up on the walls around your house.

Ninjas are very territorial, so if another ninja happens to appear on the scene, you'll be okay because both ninjas will ignore you as they fight an epic battle against one another.

Well Known Ninjas

  • Bruce Willis
  • Steve Jobs
  • Samuel L Jackson
  • Barrack Obama
  • James Woods