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IQ vs EQ

Cognitive Intelligence vs Emotional Intelligence
IQ and EQ are two terms that are used quite a lot these days, so what's the difference and why should anybody care? IQ or intelligence quotient is basically a score from standardized testing that is useds to determine somebody's level intelligence at a cognitive level. EQ or emotional intelligence on the other hand is used to describe the degree or capacity that an individual has to control one's self and others around them. In a nutshell, IQ is for getting through school, EQ on the other hand is for getting through life.

How is IQ determined
The term "IQ" was created back in the early 20th century, and uses standardized tests that have become more refined and accurate over the years since their inception. IQ tests are based on many different types of questions from solving patters to logic to mathematics to puzzles.

How is EQ determined
The EQ of an individual is also determined by use of a test, but not in the same sense as an IQ test. In an EQ test, there isn't a correct or right answer to every question, but instead the answers that the person being tested gives simply determine what kind of person they are, and not necessarily an assigned and calculated number.

Which one is more important
Contrary to what most people would think, the latest research shows that EQ is actually a lot more important and significant to one's life. Having a high EQ can help a person to go a lot further in life, than having a high IQ. High emotional intelligence allows a person to create more connections in their life, which is imperative for success and often happiness in life. Also, having a high EQ allows an individual to be a better leader, which also relates directly to success.

Does this make IQ less important?
Absolutely not, IQ is still very important to succeeding in life, especially if you want to specialize in the sciences.  Having a high IQ allows people to have better abilities at visualizing problems and solutions, and skills such as creating algorithms with reduced effort. If somebody has both a high IQ and a high EQ, they will most likely be very successful in life, and will probably end up in some kind of leadership role that has a high degree of influence over others.