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Recession proof industries

Not sure what to invest in with these tough economic times? There are plenty of industries that are near recession proof, things that people will always be spending money on no matter what their fiscal situation is.

This one is a given. People drink during good times, but people drink even more during tough times. Liquor has been around since the dawn of the recorded history of mankind and will continue to be around until the end of time.

toilet paper
Even in the toughest of times, people will always have to wipe their you-know-what. So this is an industry that will always be around, until of course somebody popularizes the "three seashells" that appeared in the movie Demolition Man. I don't think however that we'll see this in our lifetime.

poultry farming
Poultry is one of the cheapest meats around, and it's pretty lean and healthy for you. People will always have to eat, and most people out there like poultry, it's very popular and can be cooked into almost any dish. Look at chickens, they're relatively cheap to raise, and also produce eggs which are used in just about everything from food to creating vaccinations to crazy things like illegal underground gambling (rooster-fighting).

online dating
Love is a recession proof business, and when people don't have money for dating, they turn to online dating. Other examples include off-line matchmaking services like speed dating and services that set you up on lunch dates.

police force
Recession and tough times can create an increase in crime, so during a recession is a good time to be a cop(employment-wise). Police officer also make a pretty good salary, especially once they've been in the force for a few years, plus all the government perks of a pension and benefits.

What do people do when they're desperate? They gamble. Not in Vegas, but in the local casinos where they live and by playing the lottery. Go into your local casino at any time and who do you see, a lot of people that probably don't have the money to spend on gambling.

car repairs
Unless you live in a city with great public transportation, how can you get a new job in a If you're car doesn't work? People also need their vehicles working to run errands, transport around their family, etc.

video games
Since people stay in more instead of going out to watch movies and live sports, video games is one of the biggest recession proof markets out there. Video games in fact is now a bigger industry than movies and television combined.

medical equipment
People will always get sick no matter if we're in a recession or not, so medical equipment will always be in high demand. And the profit margins on medical equipment are massive.