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Safest cities in the world to live in

Due to all of the headlines these days. From tsunamis to earthquakes, flash flooding to hurricanes and tornadoes. You want your family to live in a safe place. These are some of the safest cities in the world to live in.

Not only are they very geographically stable, but rarely have any natural disasters such as flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes.

To go beyond natural disasters, all of these places have fantastic economies that are much more resilient than most cities in the world against recession. This is often due to the fact that many of these cities are surrounded by highly sought after natural resources, or have extremely skilled workers in various high tech sectors.

They are also all very safe and all contain highly respected educational facilities and universities. On top of being safe, all of these cities are known to be extremely clean and beautiful.

Stockholm (Sweden)

Stockholm is not only the largest city in Sweden, but also a major world city and the capital of the country.

  • extremely low crime
  • not near any fault lines
  • near the baltic sea
  • located in one of the safest countries in the world

Perth (Australia)

Perth is the capital and largest city in Western Australia. It has a great climate and the most amount of sun out of all of the Australian capital cities. It's also extremely safe and not susceptible to as many natural disasters as the rest of Australia.

  • clean beaches
  • away from la nina
  • warm climate
  • low crime
  • great economy
  • jobs and economy insulated by the mining industry

Edmonton (Canada)

Edmonton is also known as the "Gateway to the North". Located in Alberta Canada it is one of the fastest growing cities in North America.

  • no earthquakes
  • no chance of tsunamis
  • no nuclear power plants
  • lots of oil and money
  • no rats (less disease)
  • free health care
  • strong economy

Tallinn (Estonia)

Estonia is a country in the baltic region of Europe.

  • extremely modern
  • one of the highest rated cities to live in the world
  • a center for European culture
  • has a highly developed information technology sector (home of Skype)

Maastricht (Netherlands)

The Netherlands is by far one of the safest, most modern and most advanced countries in all of Europe, if not the world, and Maastricht is one of its oldest cities.

  • cleaner and safer than Amsterdam
  • very pedestrian friendly
  • great local economy and educational institutions
  • has had very few natural disasters of any kind in it's long history