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Save money by using less energy at home

Energy can be one of the biggest expenses in your life, here are some great tips to help you save money, and make the world a bit greener. Some of these are quite obvious, others you may have never even thought of.

change all of your light bulbs
This is of course an obvious one, by changing all of your incandescent light bulbs to fluorescent ones not only do you dramatically cut down your power bill but you also don't have to replace them as often. The average home easily has over 30 light bulbs so you can see how this can cut your bill way down.

turn down the brightness
By turning down the brightness level on your computer monitors and televisions you'd be amazed at how much power you can save.

turn down the volume
Turning down the volume level on anything producing sound will not only save your hearing but help a bit with the energy savings too.

unplug unused devices
How often do you really play your nintendo wii or xbox, if it's not every day then unplug it, it's just siting there wasting power, the same goes for if you have rechargeable game console controllers. This includes your computer, turn it off when not in use, even though it may be in sleep mode, it's still using power.

charge your phone at work
Why charge up your cell phone at home when if you work in an office you can charge it up at your desk. Most employers don't care, and if you don't have any spare power outlets you can always use a USB adapter to charge it up.

don't pre-wash dishes
Before putting plates into the dishwasher don't pre-wash or rinse them, you're just wasting water and the power to heat that water.

wear a sweater
Instead of cranking the heat when you're cold put on a sweater and socks, you'd be amazed at how warm you can get without blasting the furnace

take the bus
Take the bus to and from work, not only will you pollute less but you'll save money by using less gas, paying for maintenance less often, and you don't have to pay for parking.

upgrade to energy efficient appliances
Older appliances, furnaces and CRT televisions and monitors all waste tremendous amounts of energy, upgrading these to modern appliances will help you save heaps of money.

wash only full loads
When using the dishwasher or the laundry washer and dryer, only use them if you're putting in a full load, otherwise it's a massive waste of energy.

drive the speed limit
Speeding in your vehicle uses up way more fuel than driving the limit, and has the added bonus of saving you from ever getting a hefty fine.

don't put hot food in the fridge
Why cause the fridge to spend more energy to cool down your hot food when you can just let it sit outside the fridge for a few minutes.

print only if you have to
Printing paper not only uses up paper and ink, but a lot of electricity too, so if you can, do it with an e-mail.

don't defrost using your microwave
Let food defrost in the fridge or out on the counter, although using the microwave is convenient it uses up a lot of watts to heat up your food.