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Secret Techniques To Restful Sleep

Having a tough time sleeping? Try these techniques and within no time you'll be able to command your entire body to effortlessly fall asleep at bed time or during naps. Now lets get started.

Environmental Preperation

These techniques can be used for daytime napping as well, however, in this book we will present them as though you were going to bed at night. In this chapter you'll be preparing your room and bed in order to get the optimal use of the sleep techniques to follow.

Step 1) Start by checking your mattress. If it's really old it may need replacement. If not it may just need to be turned over. Turn it over vertically so that the area where the pillows normally sit will now be on the side were your feet are and facing down.

Step 2) At night turn out all the lights, now how much light is still coming in from windows, night lights or other illuminating objects? You want to get rid of all that. Try to make it as dark as you possibly can. The blacker the better. Some people have a fear of the dark, and if you do then just leave the room with the current lighting conditions.

Step 3) How much noise are you experiencing around the time that you're trying to sleep? Perhaps you work nights and during the day there's too much activity from others in the home to allow you to have the quiet time you need? Or it could be for any number of reasons there is too much noise happening while your trying to sleep. The simplest solution for this is to buy a pair of cheap foam ear plugs. Don't buy the professional kind, you need the kind that you can squeeze between your fingers and that you stuff part way into your ear so that you can still sleep on that side of your head at night. If they still are too uncomfortable cut them in half and then put them in your ears before bed. Use ear plugs only if there is too much noise happening while your trying to sleep.

Step 4) Allow yourself to get to bed at a constant time. Your body has a biological clock that needs to stay constant in order for it to help you fall asleep at night. So set a time to go to bed by.

Step 5) If your partner is keeping you up at night by snoring, kicking, tossing and turning, then perhaps get a larger mattress such as a king size mattress that should ease the problem.

Step 6) Keep a glass of water by the bed to quench your thirst at night.

Step 7) Turn the phone ringer off. And turn off all other electronic devices that might interrupt your sleep. This includes TV's, radios, alarms, pagers, cell phone etc.

Physiological Preparation

In this section we will be talking about how to get your mind and body into the right state that will help you to use the techniques to follow.

Step 1) Do not do any strenuous exercise at least 3 hours before bed.

Step 2) Do not go to bed hungry, nor too full and bloated.

Step 3) Use the bathroom so you don't have to go right away.

Step 4) When going to bed try to just forget about all the worries and stresses of your life, and look at your bed as your "escape" from it all for the next 8 hours. Think about the fun vacations, big accomplishments, family or loved ones, and good things that have happened in the past to try to clear your mind of all undesirable thoughts or worries of your life.


Step 1) Sit at your bedside and put your hands together as if you were going to pray. Now move your hands left to right to stretch out your wrists.

Step 2) While sitting at your bedside put one leg up on top of the other so that you ankle is resting on top of your opposite thigh. Do that to both legs.

Step 3) Stretch your arms up above your head, yawn if you can and just stretch it all out.

Step 4) Stretch your neck by doing rolling your head around from side to side. Do not roll your head all the way back, just roll your chin from one shoulder to the other. Look left, look right to also stretch it that way.

Step 5) Pull every muscle in your upper body tight as you can, make two fists, scrunch up your facial muscles, and just squeeze all your muscles in your upper body hard as you can and hold it for 5 seconds, then release.

Step 6) Do any other "light" stretches to release any built up tension that you might be experiencing.

Secret Techniques to a Restful Sleep

Now we will get into the main part of the sleep techniques. I must warn you though, that the sections above "MUST" be done in order for the sleep techniques below to work. Try to keep your eyes shut the entire time and keep your body as still as possible. I will be talking about using your mind to focus on different parts of your body. The easiest way for me to give you an idea of what this is like is to give you an example:

Imagine your in a pitch black room that your unfamiliar with. You can't see a thing and you have your arms up and your hands out in front of you trying to feel around because you can't see. Now close your eyes and actually try this experiment. Your eyes are closed hands out in front feeling around. Now think, your mind is concentrating hard on your hands. Your so focused on your hands that they almost tingle. Your hands feel different than every other part of your body as you focus on them as your trying to feel around in the dark. That feeling you have in your hands is similar to what we are going to be doing in the following techniques. A concentrated mental focus on individual parts of your body. Concentrating on each part individually, and focusing on relaxing just that one part of your body at a time.

Now as another example try this. Just put your right hand on your lap. Focus your mind on your hand. First make a really tight fist and hold it for 5 seconds. Now relax. Focus on your hand and allow your right hand to completely relax. Notice what it feels like as your mind is subconsciously telling your hand to relax. Your hand is feeling tingly and separate from the arm. It's feeling heavier and heavier as all the tension melts away as it relaxes.

This is similar to the techniques you will use to put yourself to sleep at night. Yes, it's different, almost strange, but I promise you that it works flawlessly. It might take some practice to get use to it, so it might take several attempts before you become comfortable doing the following steps. Also the techniques of focusing your mind on one part of your body at a time are not forced. Instead just let your mind and body relax and you drift your mental focus from one part of your body to the next, effortlessly, relaxed without any mental stress or tension. Often times you will not complete all the steps before your mind wonders off and you fall asleep. I think I've only got through all the steps about 10% of the time. Usually I fall asleep way before that. You will too. The final thought is keep an open mind to all these techniques. Say to yourself "this will work", and use them in a positive frame of mind. Having a positive attitude and outlook regarding these techniques is so important to making them work for you. Okay now lets get started!

Step 1) Turn out the light, lay on your back on your bed, and pull the covers up to your chest. Your arms should be laying straight at your sides and under the covers. The covers should be very lightly covering your feet and not in any way restricting the movement of your feet. Having the covers tucked under the mattress at the foot of the bed is NOT recommended.

Step 2) Close your eyes and try to stay as still as you possibly can. Do not move, scratch, yawn or do anything anymore at this stage. Anything you still have to do such as: scratch, yawn, make adjustments, etc. should be already done before you get to this point were your eyes are closed and your laying perfectly still.

Step 3) While remaining perfecting still with your eyes closed start by focusing on your breathing. It should be slow deep breaths, in and out. Do that for a few minutes and concentrate on your breathing. Don't get distracted, don't move, and keep your eye's closed and just concentrate on your chest and your breathing, going in and out.

Step 4) In a few minutes your breathing becomes very slow deep and relaxed. Once that happens here's what to do. Focus your mental image on the big toe of your left foot. It must sound odd but this is the starting point of the technique that will put you to sleep. Just keep focusing your mind on your left foot, big toe. Try to hold that concentration, and just let your big toe and the rest of your toe's completely relax. After about a minute of doing that now shift your mental focus down...

Step 5) Your big toe and toes are now relaxed and feel light as a feather. Now you shift your mental focus onto the upper balls of your left foot. As you focus your mind on the upper ball of your left foot just allow it to completely relax. Sometimes what happens at this point is your foot might tighten up for about 10 seconds, but then it will relax again. So again, while laying completely still, eye's closed shut, breathing deeply your focusing on the upper ball (upper ball = upper bottom part) of your left foot. Your concentrating your mind on that part of your body and your just allowing that individual part of your body to completely relax do this for about a minute.

Step 6) The upper ball of your left foot and your toes are now both relaxed. They should feel funny at this point, similar to having a sock pulled half way up your foot. That's how you know that part of your body is completely relaxed. Now shift your mental focus down to the heel of your left foot. Do the same for that part of your body. Focus on it and allow it to completely relax. After that's done your entire left foot should feel funny. It should feel as though an imaginary sock has been pulled up to your ankle. This should take about a minute.

Step 7) Keeping your left foot completely still and relaxed, your eyes always completely shut, body completely still, and breathing deep and slow, you will not shift your mental focus over to your right big toe. Starting with your right big toe, you will focus on it with your mind, and relax it for a minute. Then you will repeat the process for the upper ball of your right foot, then for your heel of your left foot. Relax each part of your right foot for one minute each. When complete both feet should feel funny. They will feel completely relaxed. They will feel as though you have a sock pulled up to your ankle on either foot.

Step 8) Now if you're not asleep already, you will continue to shift your mental focus upward. Focus on the parts of your body, taking approximately a minute for each, focusing on them and causing them to completely relax, you will now focus on your: Left ankle, then your left cafe muscle, then your left thigh. Now starting with you right ankle, do that, then your right cafe, then your right thigh. Focus on each part causing it to relax for about a minute each.

Step 9) If you're still not asleep you will repeat the process focusing on each part, causing it to relax for about a minute continue on up doing your: buttock, stomach, lower back, chest, upper back, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, neck, face (focus on one part of your face at a time) and then head.

Step 10) It's common to fall asleep before you've completed each leg. Remember, this all should be done very slowly. Focus on each part of your body as instructed and cause it to relax for at least a minute each. Some parts you might want to focus on for longer. Just be sure to keep completely still, with your eyes closed, and keep your breathing slow and deep through the entire process. Remember, everything you've learned is new and your body will need some time to become accustom to these new feelings and forms of relaxation, so give the system time to get use to. It will take some practice but overtime it will become easier and easier. Within just a few weeks you'll be able to go through these patterns easily and effortlessly which will put your body to sleep every time. These techniques also work great if you need to take a cat nap during the day. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me. Good luck and sleep well!

Miscellaneous Ideas

  • Have you partner give you a massage, and then allow them to let you fall right asleep if possible during the massage so that they don't wake you after.
  • Have sex before bed.
  • Practice laying perfectly still with your eyes closed, and breathing deep. This is a key part that must be mastered for the relaxation techniques to work properly. You can't be moving around at all or opening your eyes at all while trying to perform the relaxation techniques.
  • As you age, not everyone sleeps soundly throughout the entire night. Everyone is different when it comes to the length of time your body stays asleep during one resting period.
  • Be sure to have thoroughly studied and used sections 1, 2 and 3 before going on to section 4, otherwise section 4 will most likely not work as well as it could.
  • Keep your mental focus inward, on the parts of your body as instructed, and not outward. You shouldn't be trying listen to anything outside of yourself. You should be completely focused on your own body throughout the exercises.
  • Tell your partner that you're doing this so that they will make an extra effort not to disturb you.

Disclaimer: You should advise your physician before starting this routine.