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Secrets to a successful marriage

The divorce rate is upwards of 50% of all marriages these days, so if you've been contemplating to yourself whether you should stay in your marriage or not, here are some points to consider.  Are you doing any or all of the following, if not perhaps you should try these suggestions and you'll perhaps find yourself closer to your significant other.

make time for each other
You have to have time for one another, this is a cardinal rule in all relationships let alone marriage. Making time means making memories with your spouse and spending quality one-on-one time with each other.

don't keep secrets from one another
Keeping secrets from one another is a recipe for disaster, you should be open and honest about everything going on in your life with your partner. Remember that omission or just not telling your partner about something you did is in the same category as lying.

support each other
Being there for one another no matter what is key to a successful marriage. You have to be prepared to be there for any situation for your spouse, prepared even for the worst to happen.

spend some time alone
People need time to themselves, it helps you to collect your own thoughts. So take time away from your spouse and kids if you have some. Leave the kids with their grandparents and go away for a weekend, this can re-ignite the love you have for your significant other.

be completely open about spending and money
Money is the #1 reason for divorce in modern society. So if you're short one month and miss a payment on something, tell you're spouse about it, don't hide it. Also, tell your significant other about what you're spending on, create a budget and spend your money wisely. Being stressed about money will only manifest itself into stress between two people.

spice it up in the bedroom
Get creative in the bedroom, don't always do the same thing, having more fun in the bedroom can lead to a much happier marriage. Try new things, don't use the same routine as you always do, try role playing, and leave love notes for one another.

never give up
Nobody has ever said that marriage is easy, just like any other kind of relationship out there whether it's personal or business, it requires work and effort. The amount of effort that you put into your marriage is the same that you'll get out of it. No matter how tough times get just keep telling yourself to not give up on your spouse and your marriage.