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Skills every man should possess

A man should know many skills to get through life, here are some of the essential ones. This hub was written to be humorous of course, so don't take it too seriously.

Fix a toilet
A real man will plug up the toilet at least 3 times a month, usually after a power-meal involving pounds of hot wings and a few gallons a beer.

Cook meat on a BBQ
This is just a given, you should know how to make a steak medium rare by touch alone

Drive a stick shift
Every man needs to know how to drive a stick shift, it's just something only a male brain can comprehend for some reason.

Change a tire
Gonna call AAA every time you get a flat tire? People will start calling you Nancy.

Build a fire
A skill written into our DNA, in fact not only should you be able to make a fire, but a REALLY big one at that.

Tie a tie
Wearing a neck-tie is something that every man will do once in awhile, even if you don't work in an office.

Shoot a gun
Not only will it make you look cool while shooting a gun properly, but people will think you're a bad ass, especially the chicks.

Play a decent game of pool
You'll find a pool table in just about any bar and pub around the world, having the skills to sink a ball when you want to can actually go a long way with impressing people.

Tell a joke
If you're ugly, this is a must have skill.

Cook bacon
Since this is one of the primary meats that fuel the male body, you will have to know how to cook it, or face possible starvation.

Shake hands properly
You can tell a lot about a man by his handshake. To shake hands properly use a firm grip, but not too firm, and hold it just for the right duration.

Get a car unstuck
A must have if you live in a more northern climate where it snows, but the same skills apply when trying to off-road the car you rented on a business trip.

Back up a trailer
If you're into heavy drinking, then you've probably gone camping a few times in your life. Good skill to have when borrowing somebody's camper for the weekend.

Sharpen a knife
For cutting meat, preparing for a bear attack, or intimidating some young punk who's thinking of dating your daughter, an easy skill to learn.

Paint a room
I'm not saying that you have to be as creative as Picasso, but being able to paint straight lines and then fill in the box your just made is one to have on your resume of life skills.