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Tips for Gluten Free Baking in Your Bread Machine

Get to Know Your Bread Machine

Read the manual as each machine varies and some operate optimally with warmed liquids, others will warm the liquids for you.

Can you add more time to your baking cycle? Most have a button that allows you to add ten minute intervals to your cycle. Alternatively, some have a keep warm setting that is often enough to bring slightly undercooked bread up to temperature. You want your gluten free bread to reach a temperature of two hundred degrees Fahrenheit.

Choose the Right Cycle

There are a few options for baking gluten free bread. The important thing is not to overwork your dough which a standard baking cycle tends to do. If your machine has a gluten free cycle, use it, if not, opt for one of two methods below.

Use the dough cycle and then bake your bread in the oven or if you can, manually select the bake function on your machine. When using the dough cycle and placing the bread into the oven be sure to stop the machine after it is done kneading and allow the dough to rise in the pan you will be baking it in. If you are manually selecting bake on the machine, don't forget to pop out the kneading blade when it is done kneading 15-35 minutes into the cycle depending on the machine.

Use a programmable cycle. Gluten free bread is best with one knead and one rise cycle. A gluten free setting should look something like this: 2 minutes knead to allow you to mix in your dry ingredients, 20 minutes actual kneading, 70 minutes rising, 60 minutes baking. If you are prompted for extra cycles simply add a zero. Also compare the above times to the presets in your manual, sometimes machines have a "sweet bread cycle" or "short cycle" that will work just the same.

Put Together Your Recipe With Care

Gluten free recipes can be temperamental so accuracy can be a key to success. Be sure to measure your dry ingredients in dry measuring cups and wet in cups intended for liquid.

Always remove your bake pan from the machine and add ingredients one-by-one without measuring over the pan.

Unlike, glutinous bread, you cannot rely on the machine to appropriately mix your flours and liquids for you. Always stir or shake in a bag all of your gluten free dry ingredients and add them to your liquids while scraping down the sides.

Do not try substituting flours for bread machine recipes. If the recipe calls for potato starch use it and if you don&'t have any go out and get some. Gluten free bread machine recipes are a careful balance of liquid to dry ingredients and substitution can throw that balance.