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Tips for search engine advertisement writing

There are subtle clues to doing pay per click advertising successfully.  A minor change in the conversion rate can make a big difference once scaled out across the entire web.  A slight loss that can turn into a slight profit can become an automatic revenue stream if you know how to write your ads successfully.

English to English

If you are targeting a specific country or region, always make sure your advertising appeal to the locals, using their slang and dialect.  For example, the English spoken in England is different from the English in the US.

Be Specific!

Keywords chosen for PPC(pay-per-click) advertisements are very similar to choosing a keyword for SEO(search engine optimization).  You should not use generic terms.  Often a single word term will bring in too many competitor clicks, compulsive clicks, and fraudulent clicks.  Single words are normally targeted poorly and expensive.  If you are in a bidding war over general terms, you are in the wrong game and the game is playing you.

March To a Different Beat

It is always possible that current bid prices are not justified.  Often people feel they need to have certain terms, but do not track them and lose money unknowingly. 

People who chase things get an artificial and inflated value.  If you are trying to do the same thing as the other ads, you will probably fail.  In many markets, the top listed ad is losing revenue on each and every click.
Selecting Keywords

Choose terms creatively, imagine what you user may enter into a search engine to find you.  You might try to bid on terms that exist in a question format.  Consider your target audience.  These terms might be problems people are having and they may not even know your product exists.

Write Headlines

Some of the more competitive ads are the covers of magazines in the checkout isle.  You will want to glance through a few magazine covers and table of contents to find ways to write headlines and advertisements that generate sales.

Ads with Keywords

Most of the search engines out there will highlight the words in advertisements that match the user’s search query.  By placing the search term inside the ad will help your ad stick out over the competition and improve your clickthrough rate.

Current Events & Buzz Word Bidding

Many times the cheapest and highest conversion ads are for industry buzz words that no one else has bid on.  In the SEO field, “Nigritude Ultramarine” is such a term.  It will help you sell books and introduce your site to new visitors.

Begin with a Verb

Start your ad copy with a powerful action verb, such as “Empower” or “Facilitate”,  to significantly increase your clickthrough rate.

Other Conversion Tips

Often it is not worth the time and money to list at the top spot.  Frequently, trying to list at the top will cause a bidding war against ego bidders.  Listing a bit lower will improve the return on investment since you have less compulsive clickers and also a lower bid price.  Additionally, people scroll down ad lists and the more they do the more it shows user intent.  This is prequalifying them for the purchase. 

When your ads are compelling to the reader, you will improve your clickthrough rate to where you are getting more traffic than the top listed ad.  Try to solve the user’s problem, show them benefit, or simply offer them a solution.

Landing Page Link
Links to the exact page of your site you want visitors to see are more effective than links to your home page.  Channeling your traffic through the home page tells a person that you do not care about their immediate needs and you are making it difficult to convert into a sale.  You might even want to add a special page to your site that is make exclusively for that pay per click program, linking directory into it from the ads to easily track ROI.

Broad versus Exact Matching

Search engines all have different matching levels.

Exact match only shows search results that the user searched specifically for your keyword phrases and no others.

Phrase match shows your exact phrase anywhere within the search query with the words in the same order.

Google and other ad platforms often show broad match ads when people search for synonyms of keywords.  If your keywords appear in the search in any order, you ads will appear.

If you are a novice at pay per click advertising, you should use exact match until you get a feel for pay per click advertising.

Search and the Buy Cycle

People normally do many searches before they buy something.  Early searches are usually more generic and brand names help people get closer to figuring out what they want to buy.

It is hard to determine the return that you will be getting on the more generic key phrases than on well branded key phrases because branded clicks usually fall closer to the date that people make their purchase.