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Tips for your baby's bath time

Bath time for you baby
Bath time for you baby can be both one of the most fun parts of the day, or a struggle, depending on your child and what kind of mood they're in. When it comes to bath products there are many to choose from, most of the bigger brand names are very safe and trusted.

How to bath your baby
There isn't just one particular way to bath your baby, you can do it in a chair in a regular bathtub, a small baby bathtub, a baby bath bucket, the kitchen sink, etc. You will need to give them more attention until they can actually sit up by themselves in the tub, or at least hold up their neck on their own. So until they can hold up their head on their own a great thing to use is a baby bath chair in the tub, as they can recline in it without you needing to hold them the entire time.

How often should I bath my baby?
Experts recommend that you give your baby a bath at least once a day, but this of course depends on how dirty they are, more if they've spat up a lot, or made a mess with their food. If you have a crazy day and they miss a bath it's not the end of the world, just make sure to give your baby a good wipe down with a warm cloth.

Bath time is a great right before baby's bed time, as it can calm a baby down and relax them. I've personally found that it helped my little ones when getting ready for bed and helped them to sleep better.

What kinds of products should I use?
You'll probably need to try out a number of different products before you find a particular brand or type of soap/shampoo that you like for your baby. You might also need to pay more for a higher quality brand if your baby has extra-sensitive skin. I suggest signing up for on all of the major manufacturer's websites, they will send you samples to try out before buying.

Here are some tips for giving you baby a bath:

  • have some toys in the bath with them, but not too many
  • too put too much soap into the water, you don't want too many bubbles
  • rinse your baby after the bath is done with clean water, they have very sensitive skin
  • make it fun! play with them as they take their bath