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What are the most corrupt countries in the world?

It's hard to argue that any country around the world doesn't have some kind of corruption. However there are a few countries that stand well below all others and have rampant corruption and widespread hunger. Perhaps this hub will help educate you about countries you may have not known about or thought to have such poor living conditions and corrupt leadership.

Below are what I deem to be the most corrupt countries in the world:

14: Ethiopia

One of the poorest countries in the world, Ethiopia cannot even feed it's own people let alone establish a stable economy. Thus it's no surprise that corruption is rampant throughout every level of government.

The Ethiopian government has been highly criticized for cracking down on free speech and citizens have little access to media other than state-owned television and radio networks.

13: Equatorial Guinea

One of the smaller countries in Africa, Equatorial Guinea is a republic that has been ruled by Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo since he overtook the government in 1979 with a military cout, instating himself as the President. Obiang's powers allow him to make just about any law he wishes to, and put anybody he wants to in charge of any aspect of the government.

Even though the country appears to elect it's politicians, it is in fact an extremely corrupt nation that appears to be more of a totalitarian regime. Members of the government have been known smuggle drugs and other contraband for self profit.

12: Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country located in South Asia, and shares its borders with India and Myanmar. It is one of the most densely populated countries in world and has wide spread poverty and malnutrition.

This nation is trying hard to root out the mass corruption, but this is an extremely difficult task. On top of everything one third of Bangladesh flood every year during the monsoon season, this severly hampers economic development throughout the country which only increases corruption and poverty.

11: Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a doubly landlocked country in Central Asia, formerly part of the Soviet Union. It shares borders with Kazakhstan to the west and to the north, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to the east, and Afghanistan and Turkmenistan to the south. Uzbekistan possesses the largest military force in the Central Asian region, having around 65,000 people in uniform.

Much of Uzbekistan's GDP growth comes from favourable prices for certain key exports, especially cotton, gold, and increasingly gas, but the revenues from these commodities are distributed among a very small circle of the ruling elite, with little or no benefit for the populace at large.

10: Chad

Chad is a country in central Africa. It is landlocked and has Sudan on the east, Libya on the north, Nigeria and Cameroon on the south east side, Niger on it's west side, and the Central African Republic directly south.

Corruption is not just present, but rife at all level of government. The power of this government is held by an ethnic minority lead by president Idriss Déby. He has been running Chad since 1990. The country doesn't have a stable government and many coups d'état's have been attempted by rebel groups in recent years. Because of this lack of leadership and stability Chad is now one of the most corrupt and poorest countries on the planet.

9: Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo (not to be confused with the Republic of the Congo) is the 2nd largest country in the continent of Africa by area. To it's north is Sudan and the Central African Republic. The rest of the nation is bordered by Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambil, Angola, Ugunda and the Republic of the Congo

This country used to be called Zaire and before it's name changed it was ruled by Mobutu Sese Seko (from 1965 - 1997). This corrupt ruler is believed to have stolen over $4 Billion USD while in office. Since Mobutu was ousted the country has gotten better and in on the road to becoming much more democratic, but still has corruption in it's roots and will take a very long time to weed out all of the corrupt political figures currently running the country.

8: Guinea

Guinea is a former French colony that has gone through much political change in it's history, especially in recent years. It's an extremely poor country due to lack of health care, proper infrastructure, justice and education, which are all due to bad management and spending by it's government.

Lansana Conté was the second president of Guinea, running it from 1984 until his death in 2008. During his tenure he replaced all government technocrats with his own people which increased corruption to dramatic levels.

7: Sudan

Sudan is the largest country on the African continent by size. It's half way between the Middle East and the Horn of Africa. It's official languages are both English and Arabic, and has gone by various names over the years and numerous rulers.

The government running this country is widely known for being corrupt and most of it's population lives in poverty. Even though the country is quite wealthy in terms of natural resources such as oil it doesn't pass any of that wealth on to it's citizens. Because of their abuses of human rights they have numerous sanctions imposed upon them by western nations.

6: Iraq

Iraq is one of the more well known corrupt nations in recent times due to it's well known wars with the United States and it's allies.

This nation has a vast amount of petroleum based natural resources, which were exploited by it's now fallen totalitarian regime led by the infamous Saddam Hussein. The country is starting to become much more democratic in nature and great strides are being made to lessen overall corruption. However the country is in a very fragile state and it will take decades for the country to stabilize.

5: Uganda

With all of the recent documentaries and information surfacing about Uganda and their child armies it's no doubt that this country is one of the most corrupt in the world. Although they have had elections to vote in the leaders of their country, the international community views them as being severely flawed, and questions the integrity of their results.

4: Myanmar

Myanmar, once known as Burma is the second largest country in South Asia, and has a population of almost 60 million people. It has some of the strangest laws in the world and until 2011 was ruled by the military junta. Burma not only has one of the worst health care systems in the world, but has been cited by international organization for violating international rules on human trafficking, lack of free speech and child labor. Because of how this country has been operating for almost 50 years, they have numerous sanctions against them by the western super powers.

On a positive note the country is trying very hard to make strides to put and end to the mass amount of corruption throughout all ranks of government. One can only hope that the reforms we've seen take place continue on for years to come.

3: Haiti

Haiti is another former French colony that is located in the Caribbean Islands. It is on an island that shares a border the Dominican Republic. A former French colony, Haiti is the only nation that has ever been formed from a successful slave rebellion.

In recent times, Haiti has undergone a a huge transition following the forced ousting of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 2004. Since then, a democratically elected leader was voted into office in 2011. However due to the widespread poverty and lack of healthcare and education corruption is still rampant all throughout the country.

To top everything off, Haiti had mass flooding and damage to the entire country from a massive earthquake on January 12, 2010. The death count from this earthquake was over 220,000 and left the country in shambles only increasing corruption in this island nation.

2: Afghanistan

Afghanistan has one of the longest running civil wars in the world. Both the Russians and Americans have tried to reform this country with very limited success. Every level of government in this country are extremely corrupt and the people have lost all hope and respect for the leaders, and have been rebelling for some time.

This country is famous for the well known and deceased villain Osama Bil Laden, as he used this country as a base camp for his terrorist operations for many years.

1: Somalia

This is the land of the pirates of the 21st century. Somalia is one of the absolute poorest countries on the planet, not only can this country not control their own people, but they cannot even feed them. From a large group of people this desperate to survive an extremely corrupt country is created.

The people have become so desperate for the basic necessities of life that they have resorted to piracy at sea, including seizing foreign boats coming through or near their water, and kidnapping those on board. Please remember that these people don't want to become pirates, but use this as a last resort as they have no other source of income and many people are forced to join gangs of pirates or perish.