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What products will last you a lifetime?

We have turned into a society that simply throws everything away and just buy newer cheaper goods. This creates an amazing amount of waste, which is only growing because manufactures now have to make goods that purposely only last a few years to stay competitive and offer these goods to everybody for cheap.

I feel that people should opt for goods that last as long as possible, these goods may seem to be more expensive at first, but their longevity will surely counter any additional initial expense

Here are some products and their accompanying brands that will last a very long time, if not a lifetime. Some of them will last so long that you would be able to pass them on to your children and grand children.

musical instruments

Violins made by Stradivari and Guarneri are not only renowned for quality and sound, but that they have not only lasted one, but multiple lifetimes. Pianos by Bösendorfer, Steinway and Saunter also use the finest hard woods and materials, sure to last an extremely long time. It makes a lot more sense to buy musical instruments of high quality than one that will only last a few years and eventually end up in the dump.

These are of course some extreme examples of musical instruments that are extremely expensive, but the point is that buying a higher quality instrument can and will last you a lifetime.


Cast iron pans are forged as a single piece of metal and will last an extremely long time, and can stand up to much more heat than any other kind of pan, especially those crappy non-stick pans that you can get at your local supermarket. The same goes for quality cooking knives, a good set that you can sharpen will last you decades, depending on use of course.

hand tools

When shopping for common hand tools like screw drivers and wrenches, opt for the cast-metal and try to avoid those cheap plastic ones. Even though they cost significantly more, not only will they last nearly forever, but ever if you abuse your tools and they end up rusting away, they can easily be recycled into something new.

a quality wristwatch

Getting yourself one of those cheap $99 watches is simply a waste of your money, because I can almost guarantee you that you'll be buying a new one in a couple of years. Buying a high quality wristwatch that has an automatic movement (kinetic powered) buy one of the well known watch makers will last you a lifetime. These are watches by brands like Girard-Perregaux, Rolex, Patek Philippe, etc. This is something that you could easily pass onto your children or grandchildren.

Hangbags and Luggage

There's almost no point in buying one of those cheap knockoff handbags, they'll last you a year at the most, and even less of a point in buying low-quality luggage, unless you enjoy seeing all of your clothing strewn across the airport tarmac.

A high quality handbag from brands such as Burberry, Coach, Louis Vuitton and Prada can and will last you a lifetime if well taken care of. They are built by hand and built to last, unlike the knockoffs that you can buy in a back alley.


Jewelry, especially high quality products can not only last a lifetime, but generations, even centuries. Look at the crown jewels of any royal family, many have lasted hundreds of years!


Sure IKEA furniture may be inexpensive but do you really think that you'll still have that bookshelf you just bought in 5 or 10 years from now? Probably not. Expensive furniture is more expensive for a reason, the materials are far superior and will last you a lot longer. For example a table made form solid wood can easily handle chips and dents here and there, and after even 25 years of wear and tear you could easily sand it down and re-stain it to make it look brand new. You can't do this with stuff you get from IKEA and stores like Wal-Mart, they're designed to be thrown away at which point you simply buy a new one.

Take care of your stuff!

It's one thing to purchase and own quality items that could potentially last you a life time. It's another to actually have those things last you a lifetime. Take care of your goods, maintain them, and don't expose them to situations that could damage or possibly destroy them.

We have become a society that deems it okay to throw away belongings once they are slightly worn, thus we generally don't take good care of our "stuff", thinking that we'll just buy newer items. I feel that this way of thinking needs to change, or else not only will we have overflowing landfills, but household debt will continue to surge as people replace old things with new ones.