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Why Alberta is the best place to live in the world

Alberta is the second most western province, sandwiched in between Saskatchewan and B.C. (British Columbia). It has a population of over 3.8 million people and covers an area of land about the same size as the country of France. With a remarkable amount of wealth, natural resources, culture, and spirit of entrepreneurship Alberta has a distinct advantage over just about any other place on the planet, especially in North America.

Alberta also has an extremely stable geology, no volcanoes exploding, no earthquakes, no recurring hurricanes every year. Yes it does snow, but it not nearly as much as in a lot of other places around the world. Generally the winters aren't too bad, often with only a few weeks of really cold weather. The summers are usually warm and not very humid, but regardless of weather the skies are always blue.

If you want to start a business, Alberta is probably the best place to do it, the provincial government is extremely business friendly. There are plenty of ways to get business loans, and there are always people out there to help out new business owners with advice and mentoring.

It's also a great place to raise a family, the education and health care systems are world class, and the communities are extremely safe. There are plenty of festivals that appeal to the whole family like the Calgary Stampede and Capital Ex in Edmonton, not to mention the Fringe and countless other festivals happening all over the province. If sports are your thing, then you have no limit to what you can do, Alberta has some of the best ski slopes in the world, and there are leagues for people of all skill levels for just about any sport you can imagine.

Below are some highlights of why Alberta is the best place to live in the world:


  • 2 NHL hockey teams (Edmonton Oilers & Calgary Flames)
  • 2 CFL football teams (Edmonton Eskimos & Calgary Stampeders)
  • 280 golf courses
  • a huge number of festivals across the entire province
  • some of the best mountain resorts for skiing and snowboarding in the world
  • biggest shopping mall in North America
  • archaeological expeditions in the badlands, home of the dinosaurs


  • free health care
  • no rats (only place in North America)
  • some of the best beef in the entire world comes from Alberta
  • has world renowned and highly recognized universities and colleges
  • has a vibrant arts scene, and a beautiful brand-new art gallery in Edmonton
  • safe communities with a superior quality of life and diverse culture


  • real estate is still relatively cheap
  • no provincial sales tax, payroll tax, machinery tax or equipment tax
  • flat income tax of 10%
  • the province has zero debt(only province in Canada to achieve that), and over $14 billion in the bank
  • jobs, and lots of them, over 440,000 new jobs were created in Alberta between 1999 and 2009
  • has the highest Gross Domestic Product growth rate in Canada