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Why cloth diapers are better than disposables

Why use cloth diapers?
Most people think of thin piece of cloth tied together with pins when they think of cloth diapers. They couldn't be further from the truth, modern cloth diapers are completely different. They have come a long way and now come in all kinds of sizes, colors, shapes, are extremely easy to use, have no negative environmental effect, and healthier for your child.

You would be amazed at how many disposable diapers go into landfills every year. Cloth diapers don't contribute to the massive piles of disposable diapers that take a really long time to break down, and when you are finished with cloth diapers, they contain mostly natural fibers that can easily be broken down.

Potty Training
Children who use cloth diapers are proven to be potty trained much faster than children in disposables. This is mainly due to the fact that they feel the wetness in cloth diapers much more than when wearing a disposable.

Surprising to a lot of people, although they cost more up front, cloth diapers cost a lot less over the long run. Yes, you do have to wash them yourself, but you won't have to constantly run to the store to get more diapers, it's just an initial one time cost, and then the cost of water and electricity to wash them.

No Diaper Rash
Diaper rash is caused when the skin is irritated by rubbing against materials such as those seen in disposable diapers. Unlike children in disposables, children using cloth diapers rarely ever get diaper rash. Not only are cloth diapers more gentle on your baby's sensitive skin, but they're also often made from materials that are anti-microbial.

Non Toxic
Many disposable diapers have certain agents inside them, that if they're accidentally torn can come into contact with your child's skin, and have been known to cause chemical burns. There are no carcinogens in cloth diapers, and most of them are made from only natural fibers like cotton, and even bamboo.

Cloth diapers in a nutshell:

  • washable and easy to use
  • can be used with inserts that can be flushed down the toilet to avoid messes
  • modern cloth diapers are very convenient to use
  • cost - in the long run, you'll save a LOT of money
  • comfort - they're much more comfortable for babies than disposables
  • non-toxic, and environmentally friendly
  • much reduced rate of diaper rash
  • children are potty trained much faster