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Is your sink making you sick?

Did you know that your kitchen sink could be making you and your family sick? The kitchen sink has been cited as the place in most houses populated with the highest number of bacteria. Food remnants not removed properly from your sink create a breeding ground for bacteria to flourish. These leftovers could be responsible for unexplained or recurring illnesses in your household. Healthy individuals generally do not fall ill as a result of exposure to high levels of bacteria, but the same is not true for children and the elderly. The solution? Be sure to clean your sink adequately.

  1. Spray, pour, or sprinkle your cleanser into your sink
  2. Scrub the entire surface with a brush or washcloth
  3. Allow the cleanser to remain in contact with the sink for a minimum of 10 minutes, allowing enough time to kill bacteria and mold
  4. Rinse clean with scrub brush or wash cloth

We can rarely pinpoint the cause of what ails us, but proper house cleaning is just one preventative measure that can reduce the likelihood of becoming sick.